Our Recent Projects

Bathroom designer – Designing your new bathroom is a real skill, especially if you want to make the most of what are often compact spaces. Here INSTYLE BATHROOM RENOVATIONS can help. We  will also assist you with professional help if you are moving plumbing or altering the floor plan – but feel free to get involved and bring your ideas to the table.

Demolition and strip out – Instyle Bathroom Renovations will undertake the project form demolishing to completion. We also organise a skip Bin  to remove all the waste from the strip out.


Our plumber will connect all your new fixtures – toilet, bath, shower & toilet – but also move any plumbing (pipework + drainage) if you are changing the floorplan of your bathroom. Once they are finished roughing in all the plumbing its the turn of the electrician.


Electrician – Instyle Bathroom Renovations will organise a  sparky who is responsible for wiring any elements that require power, including general & task lighting, powerpoints and heated towel racks.


Plasterer  Instyle Bathroom renovations will engage plasterers to make your walls look like new after the plumbing and electrical rough in.


Waterproofer Our waterproofer applies a special lining to walls and floors to ensure no moisture escapes and causes structural damage. This is especially important for the shower area, around your bath and floor surface.


Tiler – Instyle Bathroom Renovations will organise the tilers for youl. Tiles are the most common surface for bathroom floors and at least a portion of the walls – which means a professional tiler is a must-have tradie. They lay the screed to level a floor before laying tiles, and then must get the right drop to the floor waste to make sure your water drains and doesn’t pool.

Fixtures, fittings and accessories

Cabinetry & Vanities 

Instyle bathroom Renovations will organise joiners to install your vanities. Whether the Vanities are Wall hung or floor mounted, we will assist you to meet your lifestyle and preferences. 


Basin – Your bathroom basin is often integrated into your vanity (above counter), though If you are pressed for space choose a semi-recessed basin. In smaller guest bathrooms you can opt to just have a wall mounted basin without a vanity or cabinetry.


Bath Tube – Your bath can be integrated with the wall/floors or freestanding.. In terms of materials, the traditional options are porcelain, enamelled steel or acrylic – but you could also choose a bath made from stone composites or concrete.


Shower Screens – For showers look to a semi-frameless or frameless design, which not only look sleeker but are easier to clean. Frameless shower screens are more expensive, so a semi-frameless is a good option if you want to save on your overall bathroom budget but still want a modern feel.


Toilet – If you are replacing your toilet try choose the “Back to Wall” and “Rimless” ones which are beautiful, have the water efficiency and requires less cleaning 

Tapware – There is a wide variety of tapware available, including mixer and wall mounted taps. Instyle Bathroom Renovations would be able to recommend water efficiency ratings along with  the same design or series for your bath/basin/shower – as this looks smart and coordinated.

Instyle Bathroom Renovation would be able to assist you with the selection of  heated towel rack, extra storage, or a vanity cabinet with mirror as well as other bathroom accessories 


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This is our rough guide to the bathroom renovation process, so you know what to expect.

  1. Demolition/Strip out bathroom
  2. Alter services (plumbing, electrical)
  3. Plumbing rough in
  4. Electrical rough in
  5. Plastering walls
  6. Waterproofing
  7. Cabinetry install
  8. Screed laid for tiling
  9. Tiles laid
  10. Plumbing fit off (bath, basins, toilet, shower & tapware)
  11. Electrical fit off (lighting, heated towel rails)
  12. Fit shower screens
  13. Silicone all joints
  14. Test and handover